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"I love the challenges of commercial photography.  When a business upgrades their website, or embarks on a new advertising campaign and we get asked to produce the images that represent that business' brand, it's a serious responsibility.  And just as every business is different which means no two projects are ever the same, we have to adjust our approach, preparation and product accordingly.  It also requires an entirely different way of thinking to most other genres of image production.  


We also understand that images in the commercial world have to connect with customers, they have to resonate. And ultimately they have to sell. So, the way we always approach these projects is simple.  We put ourselves in the shoes of the customer.


For example, if we are producing images for a winery we don't just turn up and start snapping.  We dine at the restaurant, we walk through the cellars, we taste the wine, we talk to the staff, we read reviews, we experience every element the winery has to offer their customers.  We become customers ourselves.  We get to know the product.  It's only then that we are able to produce images that match that business' style and brand, perfectly.


It's no secret that quality commercial and advertising photography is absolutely essential to a successful business.  Whether it be for websites, billboards, television or even product labels, in the great big commercial world we live in today, image is everything.  And trusting the right professional business, with the right approach and a thorough understanding of how to present that image, makes all the difference.  Guaranteed."... Paul Donegan