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Landscapes, Wildlife & Travel

"From the first day I picked up a camera, the natural world has fascinated me more than anything else in life. I still have one of my first photos. It is of a very tame magpie standing on the open door frame of our laundry. As I took the photo it looked at me with this slightly turned head as if to say "Yeah? And what the hell are you doing?". I was so proud of it. I think I was 6.


As I grew up and became too old for bedtime stories my Dad would bring a National Geographic mag to me and say, right. What do you want to learn about tonight? Planets or the Serengeti? And so begun my almost obsessive fascination with National Geographic magazines and Landscape and Wildlife Photography.


I feel a deep love and respect for our natural world and believe in protecting it and doing everything I can to ensure my son grows up in a world that is still as beautiful as I've seen it during my life. I want it to mean just as much to him to feel connected to it and love and care for it, as it has to me.

I hope through my work that I can inspire people to do the same. I feel it is my purpose for being here and my gift of gratitude to the earth for giving me this life..." Paul Donegan