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"From the day we pick up our first camera, at usually a very young age, people become the most obvious subject to take photos of.  It's ingrained in us right from the start, and it becomes an almost subconscious practise in life to capture what the people around us are doing.


Birthdays, sports carnivals, pulling funny faces just for fun, selfies (oh god did I say that!)...it's all there somewhere in the cupboard or on the computer, your life so far, a huge collection of images consisting mostly of portraiture and moments that are the most important to you.  The emotion of the time captured on the faces of you and all those people who have been there at some stage of your journey.


Inevitably though, there will come a time in life when you will need someone else to hold the camera and take the shots.  Whether it be to celebrate the joy of being newly engaged,  the arrival of your first child, a family reunion, or even just as a present to someone who's been nagging you for years for a decent family shot for their photo table.


We have all the experience you need in a photography business to capture that time in your life.  Candidly, beautifully, and with all the emotion that comes along with it."   Paul Donegan