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"Many moons ago I started my photography career as a press photographer working for a few of the local south west newspapers.  It taught me a lot about telling a story through the lens and I've carried these lessons with me through the years.  I still shoot press stories for The Sunday Times on a regular basis, and I love the challenge of portraying a subject as accurately to the story as possible.


It's one of the most important skills required of good photography.  No filters or extreme editting, just raw, stripped back photography at it's simplest, relying purely on the subjects emotional attachment to the story, natural light, and the lens.  Just like back in the days of film.  I'm blessed in my career to be able to practise this type of imagery as I feel it helps to keep my skills sharpened, it keeps me connected with the wider community, as well as being able to meet some amazing people with amazing stories along the way."... Paul Donegan